Brian Hargreaves

Associate Professor of Radiology and (by courtesy) Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering

office: Lucas Center P270 | Directions
phone: 650-498-5368
fax: 650-723-5795
links: Intro Slides | Animations | Matlab Tutorial | Software
groups: Body MR | RSL | MRSRL (EE) | ISMRM
publications: PubMed | US Patents

I am interested in body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications including abdominal, vascular, breast and musculoskeletal imaging. These applications require development of faster and more efficient MRI methods that provide improved diagnostic contrast compared with current methods. Please see my group's website for more information: Body MRI Group

I advise graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in various departments. Some information for prospective predoctoral and postdoctoral students is given here.