Schedule of Past Speakers

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Date Speaker Name P.I. Title Length
2018_1114 Zhao, Moss Fan , Audrey Quantification of Cerebral Vascular Hemodynamics Using MRI 60 min
2018_1121 Goodman, Jonathan Glover , Gary Mapping Current Flow in the Stimulated Brain 60 min
2018_1128 Perkins, Steffi Hargreaves , Brian practice lecture on medical applications of mixed reality 60 min
2018_1205 Vaclavu, Lena Gold , Garry Cerebrovascular MRI in Sickle cell disease 60 min
2018_1212 Kogan, Feliks Gold , Garry GlucoCEST: Should we be excited? 30 min
2018_1212 Lecler, Augustin Rutt , Brian 7T MRI for imaging the eye 30 min
2018_1219 Middione, Matthew Ennis , Daniel MR Pulse Sequence Programming with KSFoundation: overview and application to Convex Optimized Diffusion Encoding (CODE) 60 min
2018_1226 Holidays!, Happy Butts Pauly , Kim Winter Closure 60 min
2019_0102 New, Happy Butts Pauly , Kim Winter Closure 60 min
2019_0109 Lala, Sayeri Fan , Audrey A Deep Learning Approach for Image Quality Assessment and Enhancement of Fetal Brain MRI 60 min
2019_0116 Lee, Philip Hargreaves , Brian Using Deep Learning Tools for Optimization of MR Pulse Sequences 30 min
2019_0116 Desai, Arjun Hargreaves , Brian Technical considerations for semantic segmentation in MRI using convolutional neural networks 30 min
2019_0123 Wang, Jeffrey Airan , Raag Mapping Whole-Brain Metabolic and Oscillatory Responses to Ultrasonic Drug Uncaging 60 min
2019_0130 Niu, Tianye Wang , Adam Quantitative CT image formation and deep analysis 30 min
2019_0130 Herickhoff, Carl Dahl , Jeremy A discussion on proposed adjustments to RSL Group Meeting format 30 min
2019_0206 Hargreaves, Brian Hargreaves , Brian Mixed Reality: Projects, How-to and Opportunities! 60 min
2019_0213 Ali, Rehman Dahl , Jeremy Open-Source Implementations for Refraction-Corrected Ultrasound Computed Tomography Using the Gauss-Newton Method 30 min
2019_0213 Divel, Sarah Pelc , Norbert Image-domain insertion of spatially correlated, locally varying noise in CT images 30 min
2019_0220 Butts, Kim Butts Pauly , Kim Skull Imaging with CT and MR 20 min
2019_0227 Lauritzen, Mette Spielman , Daniel Metabolic Differences between Hyperpolarized 13C Pyruvate MRI and 18F-FDG PET Imaging in a Rat Brain Tumor Model. 20 min
2019_0306 Niederer, Steve Ennis , Daniel Integrating Imaging, Physiology and Physics Using Patient-Specific Cardiac Models 40 min
2019_0320 Pitteri, Sharon Pitteri , Sharon Glycoproteomic Approaches for Cancer Early Detection 40 min
2019_0327 McNab, Jennifer McNab , Jennifer Lab Overview 40 min
2019_0403 Leung, Steve Butts Pauly , Kim The effects of phase correction methods and acoustic parameter sets on transcranial focal spot pressure 20 min
2019_0403 Council, Trainee Herickhoff , Carl RSL Trainee Town Hall 20 min
2019_0410 Lauritzen, Mette Spielman , Daniel PET/MRI themed RSL meeting 40 min
2019_0417 Chaudhari, Akshay Hargreaves , Brian ISMRM YIA Practice Talk 20 min
2019_0417 Mazzoli, Valentina Gold , Garry Dynamic MRI of Joints 20 min
2019_0501 Shemesh, Noam McNab , Jennifer Microstructural and ultrafast functional MRI in rodents: getting closer to specificity? 40 min
2019_0508 Trainees, RSL Hargreaves , Brian ISMRM Trainee Practice Talks 40 min
2019_0515 Brickson, Leandra Dahl , Jeremy Reverberation Noise Suppression in Ultrasound Channel Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks 20 min
2019_0515 Shu, Jasmine Dahl , Jeremy Practice Quals Talk 20 min
2019_0522 ISMRM, All Butts Pauly , Kim ISMRM recap 40 min
2019_0529 Leuze, Christoph McNab , Jennifer Mixed Reality TMS guidance 20 min
2019_0529 Verzhbinsky, Ilya Ennis , Daniel Estimating Cardiomyocyte Strain Using Diffusion and Displacement Encoded MRI 20 min
2019_0605 Herickhoff, Carl Dahl , Jeremy RSL Town Hall 40 min
2019_0619 Mohammadjavadi, Morteza Butts Pauly , Kim Recent updates in US neuromodulation 20 min
2019_0626 Mazzoli, Valentina Gold , Garry Diffusion MRI: methods and applications 40 min
2019_0703 Herickhoff, Carl Dahl , Jeremy Introduction to Ultrasound 40 min
2019_0710 Chaudhari, Akshay Wang , Adam Upstream AI Projects at RSL 40 min
2019_0717 Xie, Yuan Zaharchuk , Greg Using Deep Learning to Estimate acute stroke penumbra with DWI and ASL 20 min
2019_0717 Loecher, Mike Ennis , Daniel DENSE MRI with Full Cardiac Coverage 20 min
2019_0724 Wang, Adam Wang , Adam Lab overview - x-ray/CT 40 min
2019_0731 SEMINAR, SCIT Napel , Sandy SCIT SEMINAR - speakers Pooja Gaur ("Tissue safety study of non-ablative focused ultrasound in large animals") and Muna Rizal ("Noninvasive and Targeted Brain Drug Delivery using Transcranial Focused Ultrasound") 40 min
2019_0807 moseley, mike moseley , mike ICYMI: News in Science & Medicine 40 min
2019_0814 Wang, Adam Wang , Adam Upstream AI Projects at RSL: Part 2 40 min
2019_0821 Moran, Catherine Hargreaves , Brian Double Echo Steady State Cones For Non Contrast Breast MRI 40 min
2019_0828 REU, RSL Herickhoff , Carl RSL REU Final Presentations 40 min
2019_0904 Dahl, Jeremy Dahl , Jeremy A Trainee's Guide for Reviewing Papers From the Perspective of an Associate Editor 40 min
2019_0911 Glover, Gary Glover , Gary Topics in Multimodal Functional Neuroimaging 40 min
2019_0925 Kogan, Feliks Kogan , Feliks Trainee Fellowships Overview: Opportunities & App Process 40 min
2019_1002 Ali, Rehman Dahl , Jeremy Iterative channel data reconstruction and sound speed estimation for medical ultrasound imaging 40 min
2019_1009 Zhao, Moss Zaharchuk , Greg ASL in cerebrovascular reserve in pain studies 20 min
2019_1009 Yu, Yannan Zaharchuk , Greg Identify Salvageable tissue in acute ischemic stroke using deep learning 20 min
2019_1016 Fan, Audrey Zaharchuk , Greg Neurovascular applications of PET/MRI 20 min
2019_1106 Spielman, Dan Spielman , Dan Brain Metabolism during Neonatal Cardiac Bypass Surgery 40 min
2019_1113 Perkins, Steffi Hargreaves , Brian A Patient-Specific Mixed-Reality Visualization Tool for Thoracic Surgical Planning 20 min
2019_1113 Martinez, Jessica Ennis , Daniel MRI Safety: Mitigation of RF Induced Heating 20 min
2019_1120 Dahl, Jeremy Dahl , Jeremy Retreat Review & Trainee Fellowships 40 min
2019_1127 Thanksgiving, Happy Herickhoff , Carl NO MTG - Happy Thanksgiving! 40 min
2019_1204 Qiu, Zhihai Pauly , Kim Targeted deep brain stimulation by using ultrasound 40 min
2019_1211 Stafford, John Carey , Bjorn Social Media: Messaging in the Age of Microtargeting 40 min
2019_1218 Chen, Kevin Zaharchuk , Greg Ultra-low-dose Amyloid PET/MRI Acquisitions 20 min
2019_1218 Li, Ningrui Butts Pauly , Kim Improving in situ acoustic intensity estimates using MR-ARFI with MR elastography 20 min
2019_1225 Holidays, Happy Closure , Winter Winter Closure 40 min
2020_0101 Holidays, Happy Butts Pauly , Kim Winter Closure 40 min
2020_0108 Sood, Rewa Rusu , Mirabela Super Resolution in MRI and Histology 20 min
2020_0108 Zimmermann, Judith Ennis , Daniel Quantitative 4D Flow MRI in Subject-Specific Compliant Aorta Models 20 min
2020_0115 Herickhoff, Carl Pauly , Kim Town Hall: RSL on Social Media, Networking, etc. 40 min
2020_0122 Vigneron, Dan Butts Pauly , Kim Development of New Approaches for Measuring Human Cancer and Brain Metabolism 40 min
2020_0129 Somoza, Eduardo Napel , Sandy Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program Seminar 20 min
2020_0129 Aryal, Muna Napel , Sandy Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program Seminar 20 min
2020_0205 Dual, Seraina Ennis , Daniel Right ventricular T1-mapping in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and healthy controls at 3T 20 min
2020_0205 Wang, Adam Wang , Adam Bio-X Graduate Fellowship 20 min
2020_0212 Kogan, Feliks Kogan , Feliks Guide to Applying for a K99/R00 40 min
2020_0226 Does, Mark Butts Pauly , Kim Adventures in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging 40 min
2020_0304 Shi, Linxi Wang , Adam Cone-beam CT for radiotherapy and beyond 40 min
2020_0311 Sathyanarayana, Supriya McNab , Jennifer Head tracking in mixed-reality neuronavigation for transcranial magnetic stimulation 20 min
2020_0311 Qiu, Zhihai Pauly , Kim Imaging neural activity by using genetic encoded calcium indicator 20 min
2020_0318 Moseley, Mike Moseley , Mike TBD 40 min
2020_0325 Ertan, Koray Rutt , Brian Design and Applications of Gradient Arrays for Magnetic Resonance Imaging 40 min
2020_0401 Divel, Sarah Pelc , Norbert Simulation of contrast agent dynamics in digital brain phantom for CT perfusion optimization 20 min
2020_0401 Moseley, Mike Moseley , Mike Hyper! 20 min
2020_0408 Spielman, Dan Spielman , Dan Proposed PhD program in Biomedical Imaging 40 min
2020_0415 Moulin, Kevin Ennis , Daniel Cardiac diffusion tensor imaging and microstructurally-anchored biomarkers 20 min
2020_0415 Cork, Tyler Ennis , Daniel Bio-X Submission: Non-Contrast Myocardial Scar Quantification through Magnetic Resonance Imaging 20 min
2020_0422 Zhang, Michael NAPEL , SANDY Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program Seminar 20 min
2020_0422 Umeh, Maxine NAPEL , SANDY Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program Seminar 20 min
2020_0429 Bilgic, Berkin Hargreaves , Brian Efficient MRI through Improved Encoding and Reconstruction 40 min
2020_0506 Chau, Gustavo McNab , Jennifer Quals practice talk: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Epileptogenesis 20 min
2020_0506 Choi, Mihyun Butts Pauly , Kim Quals practice talk: Mechanisms underlying in vivo transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation 20 min
2020_0520 Lan, Patricia Glover , Gary fMRI/fMRE: Imaging BOLD and viscoelastic changes in the brain with a motor planning task 20 min
2020_0527 Mazin, Sam Pelc , Norbert RefleXion X1 and biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT) 40 min
Stanford University - School of Medicine - Department of Radiology
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