Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Technology at Stanford

The NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

MR Hardware and High Field

  1. Continue to build the MR hardware design/manufacturing facilities at Stanford;
  2. Develop multi-physics simulation tools to help with conception, design and analysis of gradient, shim and RF systems;
  3. Complete the design, construction and interfacing to our 7T scanner of a 3-axis gradient coil for human brain imaging, with order-of-magnitude improvement over existing whole-body gradient systems;
  4. Develop novel combined RF-shim technology for accomplishing high performance RF reception and higher order shimming within the head gradient coil;
  5. Develop novel parallel transmit capability on the Stanford 7T;
  6. Develop methods for directly measuring and mapping local SAR over the human brain.

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Center for Advanced MR Technology at Stanford
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