Lucas Center: Safety & Policy Review and User ID

Please read all of the following information carefully before completing the form below.

Items in red are required.

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Researcher(s) who you will be assisting at the Lucas Center:
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User ID & Password

  • For your User ID below, enter your last name (lower-case letters only, omit hyphens).
  • If your last name has more than 10 characters, enter only the first 10 characters.
  • If your last name has less than 3 characters, add the initial of your first name at the end (e.g., Ping Li would enter "lip").
  • Your password must contain 6 to 20 characters (case-sensitive).
  • Your lab may have a shared password or a password policy to allow lab members access to each other's accounts. Please check with your lab supervisor.
  • Please record your User ID and Password because you will be asked to enter both each time that you sign-up for scanner time.
  • User ID:         Password:      
            enter again

    Group IDs

  • If known, enter a list of the 6-character Group IDs that identify your projects (e.g., glov1u, sawy3f).
  • If you have not yet been given a Group ID, please contact your supervisor or Karla Epperson.
  • You can leave this blank now, but you will not be able to sign up for scan time until you are a member of at least one group.
  • Group IDs:    
      comma-separated list


  • When other users cancel scan time, you can receive automatic emails notifying you that time has become available.
  • Select the scanners for which you want to receive these notifications.
  • Select how far in advance of the scan date the cancelations should be (i.e., days between the cancelation and the scan time).
  • Scanners:  

          Advance notice: