Schedule of Past Speakers

Date Speaker Name P.I. Title Length
2022_0427 Quals, BioE Butts Pauly , Kim BioE Quals Practice Talks 40 min
2022_0504 Medrano, Maria Wang , Adam Evaluation and Clinical Implementation of a Dual-Energy CT Stopping Power Ratio Mapping Technique for Proton Therapy Treatment Planning 40 min
2022_0511 Pourashraf, Shirin Levin , Craig SCIT Seminar: Design consideration for a prototype TOF-PET system with 100 picosecond coincidence time resolution and 3D event positioning capability 20 min
2022_0511 Dahl, Jeremy Dahl , Jeremy Responsible Conduct of Research Topic 20 min
2022_0518 Perlman, Or Farrar , Christian AI Boosted Molecular MRI: Automatic Protocol Design Acceleration and Quantification of CESTMT Imaging 40 min
2022_0525 Toews, Alexander Hargreaves , Brian Computational methods for MRI near metal 40 min
2022_0601 Cork, Tyler Ennis , Daniel Clinical Improvements of Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Imaging 40 min
2022_0608 Chang, Stephanie Ennis , Daniel Liver Fibrosis Imaging and Lab Diagnostics 20 min
2022_0608 Ennis, Daniel Ennis , Daniel Radiology Research at the VA 20 min
2022_0615 Congyu, Valentina - , - ISMRM highlights 40 min
2022_0622 Imran, Abdullah-Al-Zubaer Wang , Adam Optimal CT acquisition via prospective estimation of organ dose and image quality 40 min
2022_0629 Hargreaves, Brian Hargreaves , Brian Mixed Reality: Orthopedic and Other Applications 20 min
2022_0629 Schauman, Sophie Setsompop , Kawin Reproducible research 20 min
2022_0706 McKay-Nault, Jessica Napel , Sandy SCIT Seminar: Evaluating a Novel Supine Breast Coil 20 min
2022_0706 Chiou, Aaron Napel , Sandy SCIT Seminar: Integrating multiplexed imaging with collagen imaging to characterize patterns of cell-extra-cellular matrix (ECM) architecture in lung cancer 20 min
2022_0713 LIU, ZHANQIU Ennis , Daniel Measurement of 3D atrial CMR strain in sinus rhythm 40 min
2022_0720 Linsey, Brooks Dahl , Jeremy Fluoro-free intervention: Development of minimally-invasive ultrasound systems 40 min
2022_0727 Gunel, Beliz Pauly , John Data-Efficient Methods and Expressive Data Representations in Machine Learning 40 min
2022_0803 Bratch, Alexander Rutt , Brian B0 Shimming: Concepts and solutions for ultra-high field brain imaging 40 min
2022_0810 Butts, Kim Butts Pauly , Kim Ok humans can hear a transcranial ultrasound stimulus now what 40 min
2022_0817 REU, RSL Brosnan, Thomas RSL REU Summer Students RSL REU Final Presentations (75 min) NEW! Start Time: 9:45 AM, in person & ZOOM, P083 40 min
2022_0824 REU, RSL Brosnan, Thomas RSL REU Summer Students RSL REU Final Presentations (75 min) NEW! Start Time: 9:30 AM, in person & ZOOM, P083 40 min
2022_0831 Choi, Mihyun Butts Pauly , Kim Updates on TUS audibility in mice 20 min
2022_0907 Liu, Yongkai Zaharchuk , Greg Evaluation of Spatial Attentive Deep Learning for Automatic Placental Segmentation on Longitudinal MRI 20 min
2022_0914 Schildknecht, Christoph Rutt , Brian Wireless Prospective Head Motion Correction with Short-wave Radiofrequency 40 min
2022_0921 Heckel, Reinhard Chaudhari , Akshay Measuring and Enhancing Robustness in Deep Learning Based MRI 40 min
2022_0928 Adamson, Phil Spielman , Dan RSL Trainee Town Hall TRAINEES ONLY 40 min
2022_1005 Shaker, Kian Wang , Adam X-ray imaging beyond attenuation contrast 40 min
2022_1012 Golestani, Negar Rusu , Mirabela SCIT SEMINAR: A Deep Learning Based Framework For The Registration of Faxitron and Histopathology Images of the Breast 20 min
2022_1012 Sibley, Carson Rusu , Mirabela SCIT SEMINAR: Advances in Lymphatic Imaging and Treatment 20 min
2022_1019 Hales, Laurel Kogan , Feliks Radiology SEED Outreach Program 20 min
2022_1019 Ennis, Daniel Ennis , Daniel (How) do I keep up with the literature 20 min
2022_1026 van, Koen Hyun , Dongwoon Maximizing Expected Information Gain for Medical Imaging 20 min
2022_1102 Schramm, Georg Boada , Fernando Structure guided image reconstruction in PET and MRI 40 min
2022_1109 Abstract, ISMRM Ennis , Daniel ISMRM Abstract Peer Review 40 min
2022_1116 Moseley, Mike Kogan , Feliks RSL Summer Experiences 40 min
2022_1123 Recess, Thanksgiving Ennis , Daniel Thanksgiving Recess 40 min
2022_1130 Wang, Nan Setsompop , Kawin Spherical Echo Planar Time Resolved Imaging for Brain Quantification 40 min
2022_1207 Ghazi, Peymon Wang , Adam Redefining breast CT and anthropomorphic phantoms 40 min
2022_1214 Quan, Chen Kawin , Setsompop The repeatability of 1mm isotropic whole-brain MRF quantificationwith optimized acquisition reconstruction and processing pipeline 20 min
2022_1221 Closure, Winter Ennis , Daniel Winter Closure 40 min
2022_1228 Closure, Winter Ennis , Daniel Winter Closure 40 min
2023_0111 Pourashraf, Shirin Napel , Sandy SCIT SEMINAR: Technology Development for a 100 Picosecond Coincidence Time Resolution Time-of-Flight Positron Emission Tomography System 20 min
2023_0111 Hung, Andy Napel , Sandy SCIT SEMINAR: 3D Printed Lattice Microneedles for Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery in Dermal Interstitial Fluid 20 min
2023_0118 Weingartner, Sebastien Ennis , Daniel Silencing MRI: How to make your scanner shut up 40 min
2023_0125 Wilson, Alexander Ennis , Dan Cardiac Mesostructure 20 min
2023_0125 Chau, Gustavo McNab , Jennifer A transfer learning approach to predict Axon Diameter and g-ratio distributions from MRI Data 20 min
2023_0201 Zhao, Moss Zaharchuk , Greg TBD 20 min
2023_0201 Ma, Liliana Ennis , Daniel Clinical Applications of 4D-Flow MRI 20 min
2023_0208 Spielman, Daniel Spielman , Daniel A hard topic made easy: T1 relaxation in MR 40 min
2023_0215 Zhou, Xuetong Hargreaves , Brian I Cant Believe Its not BIR4 - B1 Insensitive High RF Bandwidth Optimal Control Pulses for T2 and Diffusion Preparation 20 min
2023_0215 Lee, Philip Hargreaves , Brian Distortionless free-breathing and respiratory resolved 3D diffusion weighted imaging of the abdomen 20 min
2023_0222 Hannum, Ariel Ennis , Daniel Tabletop MRI Systems 20 min
2023_0222 Hannum, Ariel Ennis , Daniel Tabletop MRI Demo 20 min
2023_0301 Barbieri, Marco Kogan , Feliks Neural Network approaches to improve voxel-wise 2D MESE T2 mapping in MSK 20 min
2023_0308 Kolawole, Fikunwa Ennis , Daniel Framework for MRI-based evaluation of myocardial diastolic mechanics 20 min
2023_0308 Chalise, Darshan Hargreaves , Brian Imaging Temperature Fields in 3D with X-ray Diffraction and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 20 min
2023_0315 Li, Leo Dahl , Jeremy Medical Ultrasound Imaging Using Artificial Intelligence 40 min
2023_0322 Yang, Yirong Wang , Adam Energy Bin Compression Strategies for Photon Counting CT Detectors 20 min
2023_0322 Wang, Sen Wang , Adam Spectral CT Image Denoising Using a Noise2Noise Framework for PCCT 20 min
2023_0329 Hall, Mary Gold , Garry Articular Cartilage Mechanics and Contrast-Enhanced CT 40 min
2023_0405 Naftchi, Kasra Butts Pauly , Kim TUS deep target sonication of sub-cubic millimeter volumes using crossbeam 40 min
2023_0412 Moallem, Golnaz Napel , Sandy SCIT SEMINAR - Automatic Segmentation of Intradural Spinal Tumors in T1-Weighted MRI Scans 20 min
2023_0412 Saunders, Sara TBN , TBN SCIT SEMINAR - Improving Prostate Cancer Detection from MRI with Ensembled Deep Learning Models 20 min
2023_0419 Gatti, Anthony Chaudhari , Akshay Towards Understanding Knee Health Using Neural Shape Models 40 min
2023_0426 Xing, Lei Xing , Lei Medical imaging and data science in the age of AI 40 min
2023_0503 Desai, Arjun Chaudhari , Akshay Leveraging Physics-Based Priors for Label-Efficient Robust MRI Reconstruction 40 min
2023_0510 BioE, Practice Council , Trainee BioE Quals Practice Talks 40 min
2023_0517 Terem, Itamar Setsompop , Kawin 3D quantitative-amplified MRI (3D q-aMRI) 40 min
2023_0524 Adamson, Phil Spielman , Dan Deep Feature Distances for MR Reconstruction Evaluation and Optimization 40 min
2023_0531 Presenters, ISMRM Spielman , Dan ISMRM Practice Talks 40 min
2023_0621 Updates, Post-ISMRM Trainee , Council Post-ISMRM Updates 40 min
2023_0628 Butts, Kim Butts Pauly , Kim REU Introduction 20 min
2023_0628 Butts, Kim Butts Pauly , Kim Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation 20 min
2023_0705 Mazzoli, Valentina Gold , Garry Quantitative MRI in skeletal muscle aging 40 min
2023_0712 Golestani, Negar TBN , TBN PViT-AIR: Puzzling Vision Transformer-based Affine Image Registration for Multi Histopathology and Faxitron Images of Breast 20 min
2023_0712 Hung, Andy TBN , TBN 3D Printed Microneedles for Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery in Dermal Interstitial Fluid 20 min
2023_0719 Nelson, Brandon Wang , Adam Accelerating Pediatric Medical Device Innovation with Regulatory Science Tools at the FDA 40 min
2023_0726 Liu, Yongkai Moseley , Mike Outcome Prediction in Acute Ischemic Stroke 20 min
2023_0802 Gao, Hewei Gao , Hewei Faster and More Precise: Recent Advances and Challenges in Stationary CT and Spectral CBCT 40 min
2023_0809 Chaudhari, Akshay Chaudhari , Akshay Language-Guided Synthetic Medical Image Generation 40 min
2023_0816 REU, RSL Brosnan, Thomas RSL REU Summer Students RSL REU Final Presentations 40 min
2023_0823 REU, RSL Ennis, Dan RSL REU Presentations 20 min
2023_0823 REU, RSL Ennis, Dan BMP Introduction for REUs 20 min
2023_0830 REU, RSL Glover, Gary RSL REU Presentations 90 min
2023_0913 Zaharchuk, Greg Zaharchuk , Greg An Update on Amyloid Clearing Therapies for Alzheimers Disease and Implications for Neuroimaging 40 min
2023_0920 Brevett, Thurston Dahl , Jeremy A Comparison of Global and Local Sound Speed Estimation for Phase Aberration Correction in Abdominal Models 20 min
2023_0920 Hargreaves, Brian Hargreaves , Brian ISMRM 2024 - building the meeting. 20 min
2023_0920 Hargreaves, Brian Hargreaves , Brian ISMRM 2024 - building the meeting. 20 min
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