Areas of Research

Roland Bammer parallel MRI; perfusion- and diffusion-weighted MRI
Kim Butts Pauly MRI techniques, interventional MRI, rapid MR imaging, motion corrected MRI, artifact reduction MRI
Rebecca Fahrig x-ray and CT imaging; hybrid imaging systems
Gary Glover rapid MRI methods using non-cartesian k-space trajectories; applications to functional MRI and contrast uptake in the breast
Brian Hargreavesbody MRI including abdominal, breast and cardiovascular applications; rapid MRI techniques; MRI contrast mechanisms; optimization in MRI sequence design
Michael Moseley high-speed MRI techniques to image and measure water proton diffusion and contrast-enhanced tissue blood perfusion; detection of the earliest effects of experimental and clinical cerebral ischemia; assesing integrity of cerebral white matter
Sandy Napel acquisition and visualization of multi-dimensional medical imaging data; diagnostic and therapy-planning applications; fusion of images acquired using different modalities; computer-aided detection and characterization of lesions; virtual endoscopy
David Paik information integration of medical imaging data with genomic/proteomic data; image quantitation in anatomic, functional and molecular imaging; computer aided detection and computer aided diagnosis; biomedical computation
Norbert Pelc advanced computed tomography (CT) systems and reconstruction methods; digital x-ray imaging; hybrid imaging systems
Sylvia Plevritis evaluation of cancer screening programs; building and validating models for cancer progression; parameter estimation; stochastic simulation; cost-effectiveness analysis; medical ethics
Daniel Spielman MR spectroscopic imaging; dynamic MRI methods for the assessment of renal function; improved shimming methods; estimation theory for optimal spectral quantification

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